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Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two
The Campagnolo Bora Ultra 2 Tubular Wheels 2010 are the must-have for specialized professional use and those looking for that extra competitive edge. These wheels have been conceived for those looking for the maximum aerodynamic performance, in time trials and in triathlon. Critical in this context is the imposing 50 mm rim with a wing profile calculated on the basis of the dictates of fluid physics. High performance is also obtained from the hubs, made of structural carbon fibre with variable sections and spherical surfaces with Record class mechanics. Plus, from this year Campagnolo exclusive CULT technology is taking the extraordinary performance of Bora another step higher. And finally, total restyling from the graphic point of view.

Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit
In this new version, the Shamal™ Ultra™ 2-Way Fit wheels are a true concentrate of cutting-edge technology: 2-Way Fit and USB™. 2-way Fit technology makes it possible to use tubeless or standard tires on the same wheels, so that riders can take advantage of the best features of both solutions depending on the use. As of 2010, Shamal™ Ultra™ 2-Way Fit wheels will be equipped with hubs with ceramic USB (Ultra Smooth Bearings), a technology that exploits the best ceramic balls available on the market. Aluminium nipples and aluminium spokes with variable cross-section make the wheel light and sturdy. Starting from this year, an aggressive Black finish will replace the Titanium finish.

Campagnolo Eurus 2-Way Fit
In its latest version, Eurus™ 2-Way Fit™ wheels are 50 grams lighter, weighing in at no more than 1500 grams, thanks to the new aluminium spokes with aerodynamic profile and aluminium nipples. With wheels as light as these, riders can be fully confident in any situation. The special profile of 2-Way Fit™ rims is compatible with both tubeless and standard clincher tires, allowing you to exploit the best features of both technologies: the performance, comfort and road-holding capability of tubeless tires, the practicality for everyday use of traditional clincher tires. Eurus™ 2-Way Fit™ wheels are available in the black-coloured version.

Campagnolo Zonda 2-Way Fit
The new Zonda wheels with the 2-Way Fit configuration are immediately recognizable by their aggressive graphics, but what’s really impressive is their weight – 1580 grams! The new wheels come with a host of new features, starting with the 2-Way Fit profile developed by Campagnolo to fit both tubeless tires or traditional clinchers. The rim profile has been lightened by milling the spaces between the spokes, where the presence of material is a useless weight. The spokes themselves are made of steel, with aero design and a differentiated thickness. In addition, the spokes are provided with the new Campagnolo anti-rotation system that ensures ideal aerodynamic penetration at all times. The hubs too have been newly designed to improve their smooth performance.

Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Clincher
ShamalTM Ultra™ wheels have always been known for their excellent performance, but Campagnolo® has managed to make them even better by reducing their weight and improving their running smoothness. This has been achieved by a new production process that reduces the thickness of the rims but not the well-known strength of Campagnolo® wheels. As for smooth riding, Shamal™ Ultra™ wheels are now fitted with USB™ ceramic bearings that improve smoothness, extend the wheels’ life time and further reduce their weight. The wheel hubs will still be made of carbon fibre with aluminium flanges. The new features are accompanied by new, feisty graphics.

Campagnolo Eurus Clincher
Eurus™ was developed as an all-purpose wheel, lightweight for uphill climbing, quick in changing pace. Always aiming at better performance, Campagnolo® has improved the wheel’s efficiency by reducing its weight by no less than 70g! Tests run at Campy’s laboratories have shown that this is the solution that currently provides the best results in terms of performance and reliability: a light and very steerable front wheel and a stiff and responsive rear wheel. The rims have been lightened in toroidal form between the spoke insertion zones, i.e. in the section of the rim where diameters can be reduced without lessening the solidity of the structure.

Campagnolo Zonda Clincher
The new Zonda™ clincher wheel has undergone a significant transformation that immediately translates into a very interesting numerical fact: 1555 grams of weight, which means 60 grams less than the 2009 version. The new Zonda™ wheel has differentiated rim heights-24mm for the front and 30mm for the rear – both lightened between the spoke anchoring points. The spokes, too have been lightened, in addition, the spokes are provided with the new campagnolo® anti-rotation system that further enhances performance.


  1. Aidil Zulhanry said

    how much is the Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit? i m looking for new rims to fit my old colnago 2000..

  2. Alvin said

    Hi, may I check how much is the Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Clincher & Campagnolo Eurus Clincher?

  3. Simon Fang said

    How much are the Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Shmano compatible clincher wheelset?
    Have your online Malaysian customers have to pay tax for these goods?

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