Knog Frog Strobe
The Knog Frog Strobe White LED Light is super lightweight, weighing less than a GU packet, and with its undisputable convenience and power to make you visible to inattentive drivers up to 600 meters away, it features a super bright LED strobe system with a built-in lens. Knog’s new and improved Frog headlight is brighter and better-looking than before. It still fits just about anywhere on your bike, or your helmet, or bag, or shoes, thanks to it’s integrated flexible mounting strap.

Knog Bettle
If you ever wanted your bike light to look like it had it’s own personality, the Beetle is for you. Though it looks like it would be at home in the character line-up from Wall-E, it’s even more at home on your seat post or handlebar. But don’t think that you’re constrained to install it in “standard” locations, the Beetle is adaptable to all sorts of frame and fork positions.

Knog Gekko
Knog lights use a soft, flexible silicon rubber that houses the bulbs, batteries and circuitry, and doubles as a clamp as well. The Gekko ups the ante by increasing your visibility and shedding some light onto the ground as well. Three bright white LED bulbs illuminate your path, wherever it may take you. The innovate integrated Knog clamp creates endless mounting options. Wrap this light around your seat tube, handlebars, helmet, wherever you want.

Knog Skink
The Skink is known for it’s various colors, four LED lights, integrated clamping mechanism, and smooth skin. By depressing a button located on the side of the Skink’s distinctive silicone body, the four frontal white LED bulbs are activated, and by depressing the button again, the LED bulbs will begin to strobe. A third depression will cause the bulbs to blink slower, and a fourth depression will extinguish the lights.

Knog Boomer
The Boomer front light hangs on nearly any bar from 22mm pistas to 31.8mm road bars. It has the now familiar stretchy silicon rubber body, and the white LED is integrated into a clear plastic housing with a reflector to sharpen the output. The Boomer rear light is designed so that the water resistant, stretchy silicon rubber body encircles the seatpost, tucked cleanly up and out of your way — and always there when you need it. It has a single red LED integrated into a clear plastic housing with a reflector to sharpen the output.


  1. Awesome said

    how much is the Knog Gekko? And is the Knog Boomer sold in pairs? (Rear & Front) or separately? How much is it?

    • jialong84 said

      Knog Gekko is retail @ $32. Knog boomer is out of stock at the moment…

  2. Shitkatapult said

    Hello, how much is the Knog Skink retailing for? Do you have black in stock? Thanks.

    • jialong84 said

      Knog Skink is retail @ $33 for front, and $31 for rear. We only left with white color in stock now…

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