Eddy Merckx – 2011 E Series

New technologies for 2011 Eddy Merckx E-Series

Advanced high modular stiffness fibers are used in combination with high-strength fibers to achieve unparalleled performance. They are used in different strategic areas of the bike, as and when required. The front fork for example needs both for optimum weight reduction and improved stiffness and feel.

Carbon fiber bikes are made using sheets of carbon fiber, and these are built up in layers one on top of the other. The carbon laminate + FRG process, developed by and for Eddy Merckx cycles, assemble the FRG sheets together in ways that maximise the strength and rigidity of the resulting frame. The result? Optimized performance, comfort and weight.

New carbon fiber for the EMX-7
Most carbon fiber produced today is known as PAN (Polyacrylonitrile) and it has outstanding strength to weight ratio. It’s the composite that is used on most bicycle, including the EMX-5 range – these are top of the range bikes and also used by the entire Quick Step team. The new EMX-7 is trying something new. Using a rare carbon fiber mix known as Pitch Base, it offers a comparable strength to weight ratio, but has a higher tensile modulus value – a measurement of fiber stiffness. This means that there is virtually zero deformation on the frame in high-pressure situations, and friction is reduced. There is sadly just one draw back to Pitch Base carbon fiber and that is cost! Due to its rarity, it’s up to 10x more expensive than traditional materials.

Introducing the new Eddy Merckx EMX-7 Frame Kit
The new EMX-7 is a classic example. It uses advanced carbon fiber technology to produce the strongest, stiffest yet lightest racing bike of them all. When you ride one, you know you have the best. It’s the bike that Tom Boonen and the Quick Step Team will be using in year 2011, day in, day out, for every race and training session. It’s the illustration of what Eddy Merckx Cycles does best – namely producing the best engineered and best produced racing cycle on the planet.

2011 Eddy Merckx EMX-5 Frame Kit
The EMX-5 is Merckx’s more practical race machine, which a majority of their ProTour riders will use next season. Using Merckx’s traditional carbon composite, the EMX-5 looks similar to the EMX-7. However the EMX-5 uses a different fork, and doesn’t have the integrated seatmast like the EMX-7, instead using a traditional seatpost design. EMX-5 has a slightly different rear triangle design, with a major difference being its symmetrical construction, as opposed to the EMX-7′s asymmetrical design. Most other features carry over here. Same tapered headtube, same BB86 bottom bracket, and same aerofoil tubing shapes. The EMX 5 and 7 share almost the same geometry, with some tweaks being made in the seat tube to compensate for the different construction methods. Both incorporate the classic “Merckx” feel, overseen by Eddie himself, with a longer-than-normal trail and rake measurements, making these bikes legendary for their descending speed and handling.

2011 Eddy Merckx EMX-3 Frame Kit
Long-distance recreational riders haven’t been ignored either, with the slightly more upright EMX-3 gaining a tapered 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 in front end and all-new carbon fork, plus revised front triangle tube shapes will give it a slightly more relaxed geometry designed for comfort. Merckx is billing the EMX-3 as more of a “Gran Fondo” ride, with a little more give, and geometry designed for hours of comfort in the saddle. While shooting for comfort though, Merckx didn’t sacrifice performance. The EMX-3 keeps good power transfer by adding stiffness where needed, like the bottom bracket and front end. A good fit for riders looking for comfort and performance, the EMX-3 fits perfectly into the Merckx as their intermediate level carbon road bike.

2011 Eddy Merckx EMX-1 Frame Kit
The EMX-1 “The superb handling is the most pronounced ride characteristic of the EMX-1. It is both comfortable and stiff, but its real strength is the feeling of confidence it inspires around corners and how true it seems to ride in a group.” A full carbon fork softens the ride and keeps the whole package light, while retaining the racing inspired aero fork shaping. The EMX-1 also uses the increasingly popular tapering steertube, which goes from the standard 1 1/8″ up to 1 1/4″ to improve front end stiffness. The beefy carbon seatstay should provide plenty of riding comfort. Merckx stressed the comfort and rideability of both the EMX-1 and the EMX-3, thanks to features like this.


  1. Henry said

    How much for the frameset of EMX 1?

    • jialong84 said

      EMX-1 Frame Kit which includes frame, fork, headset, seat clamp, and seatpost is retail @ $2400. If you are building a complete bike with us, we can definitely quote you a better deal. Do come over our shop to discuss further. 🙂

      • Jason said


        keen on the EMX 3 frameset…tried to drop an email but mailbox full..

        how much does the EMX 3 frameset go for? interested to pair this up with campy centaur…


      • jialong84 said

        Hey dude,

        EMX-3 Frame Kit is retail @ $3500 which includes frame, fork, seatpost, seat clamp, and headset. If you are purchasing frame + groupset, we can offer you campy centaur @ $1100. Do consider…

  2. Julius said


    How much for the EMX-1 complete bike with ultegra 6700 groupset?

    • jialong84 said

      Estimated to be around $4000 for Emx-1 with Ultegra 6700 groupset. You can come over to our hougang store to take a look at a few of the frames on display, and a few of the bikes built. 😛

  3. Zur said

    Hi bro

    Can u recommend me a decent entry level complete Road Bike? My budget is $1000 +/-… Thanks…

    • jialong84 said

      Hey dude,

      You can consider Wilier, or Cannondale road bike. We have some Wilier road bikes on display at our hougang store. You can come over to take a look, and discuss the pricing further with my dad. For Cannondale, you can consider CAAD8 7 Sora C compelte bike @ $1450

  4. Tan said

    Hi there

    How much is a EMX 5 frame estimated to be?

  5. Din said

    Hi jialong84,
    I am abt 183 cm with inseam of abt 80 cm, I went to the Eddy Merckx website, found out only EMX-7 & EMX-5 have sizes 56cm & above.

    1) If EMX-5 frameset is $4k, how much is EMX-7?
    2) Do you bring in only the frameset for 5 & 7, or you have a complete set?
    3) If you have a complete set, what are the set ups & how much?
    4) Is only your hougang store bringing in 5 & 7 or ur Sin Ming Store have too (nearer to home)?

    Sorry for bugging u.

    • jialong84 said

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your inquiry. Here’s my repliy as follow…

      1) If EMX-5 frameset is $4k, how much is EMX-7? Emx-7 frame kit is retail @ $6500
      2) Do you bring in only the frameset for 5 & 7, or you have a complete set? Yes, we only bring in the frame kit which consist of frame, fork, seat clamp, headset, and seatpost as we realized most customers will prefer custom build for EMX series.
      3) If you have a complete set, what are the set ups & how much? For EMX-1 w/ Ultegra groupset, price is @ $3800. For EMX-5, it will probably hit around $5800
      4) Is only your hougang store bringing in 5 & 7 or ur Sin Ming Store have too (nearer to home)? We do have a EMX-5 on display at our hougang store. On top of that, my dad himself is also a road cyclist so he will be able to advise you better than what I can offer…

  6. Din said

    Thnx for reply jialong84.
    I went to the hougang shop.
    Your father s very accomodating, informative & not pushy.
    Looks like i found “My” bicycle shop already.
    Will coming back to hougang when my budget are ready.

    I have 2 more questions:

    1) For 2011 EMX-1, what are colours you have?
    2) will you guys bring in the 2012 soon?


    • jialong84 said

      Hey dude, thanks for the compliments! I’m glad you are happy with our service. 🙂

      For EMX-1, what’s the size you are looking at, or how tall are you?

      We are still trying to arrange to bring in the 2012 models. No news till now but we are already working on it. 😛

      • Din said

        When i was at hougang, your dad explained to me the different bike sizes based on the sloping etc. I am abt 183 cm with in seam of abt 82 cm, so he estimated that i could get a EMC size 48 or 51 for the EMX-1 or -3.

        He really “open” my eyes, & sort of help me narrow down on my needs rather than wants. That is why i felt the click there rather than certain big bike boutique shops that try to push their high end stuffs.

        I have been browsing Eddy Merckx website & saw their 2012 line ups. Like what i saw.
        Your dad says he will give me a “good” price should i choose the 2011 EMX.
        I saw your dad bike, red white EMX-1 & a matt black with white stripes frame.
        Thats why i like to inquire what other colour scheme you have for the 2011 EMX-1 or -3


      • jialong84 said

        Hey dude, you are really praising my dad to the sky. I shall share this with my dad as I’m sure it will bring a smile on his face. 😛

        I just did a check on my side. We do not have anymore 2011 EMX-3 available but we still have one last piece of size 48 in black/grey, and one last piece of size 51 in red/white for EMX-1. If you are keen, can discuss the pricing with my dad again. 🙂

        For 2012 line ups, I’m already following up, and should have an update very soon…

  7. Mike said

    Hey, interesting shop and discussion! I am planning to buy an EMX-7 cause it really looks phantastic! Do you guys have ever tried to pair it with an Dura Ace Di2? Is there any chance for internal cable routing??? even with a bit of fumbling. or has it to be done externally?
    Thank you very much for your help,
    Mike, Germany.

    • jialong84 said

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your inquiry. We ever tried to install a Ultegra DI2 on an EMX-5 and it will work perfectly. However it will have to be done externally….

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