Road Shoes – Shimano

Shimano R315 2011 Model

Important novelty of new top level shoes for road racing (SH-R315) is the usage of Rovenica©* synthetic leather that is so fine, light and supple and yet so strong and shape-retentive that you gain the rigid upper stability you need for power and the pure comfort you need to go the distance. It stretches like fine natural leathers for an amazing fit, but it’s got a remarkable memory and strength that always brings the shoe back to its original shape.

Rovenica©* combines perfectly with Shimano’s heat moldable Custom-Fit technology that was designed for pro competition level racers who demand maximum stability and power transfer, plus the comfort to endure many hours on the bike. Custom-Fit transforms the ride of enthusiasts at every level because everyone benefits from a perfect fitting shoe. It heats and molds the upper panels, heel cups and insoles to perfectly match the shape of your foot.

For these professional level shoes, a lot of attention has been paid also to rigidity and a lightweight design. The uppers are more supportive and the carbon outsole is light and extremely rigid.

Shimano R240

Shimano R190

Shimano R133

Shimano R106

Shimano R087 (White/Grey)

Shimano R077

Shimano R063


  1. Awesome said

    Hi, I would like to check, are all this compatible for clipless pedals? Which is the cheapest that you have and how much?

    • jialong84 said

      Yes, the shoes here are clipless. The cheapest is model R077 @ $110.

  2. Jasmee said

    Hi, I would like to check how much is the cheapest model for a Shimano Carbon Composite Sole shoes.


    • jialong84 said

      The cheapest model for Shimano carbon road shoes is about $250-$280 but we are currently out of stock for that model. If you are interested, do contact us, and we can make the order for you…

  3. Alvin said

    Hi may I check how much is the Shimano R106?

    • jialong84 said

      Shimano R106 is retail @ $270 but we are out of stock already. If you are keen, we can make an order for you.

  4. Hi there, what are the cheapest road shoes you have that are compatible with the Shimano SPD SL pedals?

    • jialong84 said

      The cheapest Shimano shoes we have is @ $95 that’s compatible with Shimano SPD SL pedal… 😛

  5. May I ask how much the R087 is?

  6. Carlo said

    hello, may i ask which model is the cheapest as my budget will be 190 and below also im just a forgeiner student and my size is 40-41


    • jialong84 said

      Hey dude,

      We do have Shimano shoes that range from $120, and above but we don’t have ready stock for your size. Do drop me a sms @ 81188529 if you are keen to get one. I can call up the agent to ask for you first…

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