Tionghin’s Weekly (LSD) Long Steady Distance Group Rides

Get up on your bike and get those gears running! Its time for you to enjoy the gushing headwinds at Coastal and hilly climbs at Selarang. However the main purpose of our shop ride is still riding together as one group. It doesn’t matter if your engine is 1litre or 2litre, anyone is welcome to join us.

The purpose of doing LSD ride is to get the body used to sitting in the saddle for long periods of time, to adapt your metabolism to be efficient and burn fat, and to improve your aerobic fitness.

Meeting venue: Tiong Hin Co Tyre (Block 108, Hougang Ave 1, #01-1293, S530108)
Set off time:Every Thursday, 2030hrs sharp
Cycling route: Hougang -> Coastal x 2laps -> Selarang -> Hougang
Estimated distance: 68KM
Pace: Comfortable and steady pace of 28 – 35km/h
Estimated time taken: 2 1/2 hrs
** Ride will be called off if bad weather after 1800hrs.

Safety Precautions


  1. Henry said

    cn i check if u hv a clip on bars for time trial and how much does it cost? thx

    • jialong84 said

      Clip is usually included when you purchase bar. If you just need a clip, we will need to know what’s the bar you are using first for compatibility issue.

      • Henry said

        i meant the clip on bars that are like aero bars where u cn put ur body in serodynamic position.. sorry bout that

      • jialong84 said

        Yup, there are 2 type of clips. One is rigid, and one is adjustable. Usually when you purchase aero bars, it will be given. A diff clip is required for a diff brand of aero bar so we will need to know what’s the aero bar you are using first before we can advise you accordingly. 😛

    • Henry said

      sorry but i m not too sure on the aero bars because it will be my first aerobar.. i m using a dropbar..

      • jialong84 said

        You might want to bring your bike down to let us take a look first. 😛

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