Dropbar – SELCOF

Selcof is an Italian firm that has achieved success in the sector of bicycle components, with innovative products and production and quality control methods.
The constant cooperation with professional riders has brought to develop a range of products which are perfect for competition as well as for amateur cycling. All products are constantly tested in advanced laboratories and according to the current European standards. The wide and differentiated use of materials such as carbon, titanium, and various Aluminium alloys allows to meet all the needs of the market.

MC10 ZEN HB Integrated Carbon monocoque

MC30 HB Carbon Monocoque

KP26 NEW HB Road Alu-carbon Premium

KP25 HB Road with central carbon

KP06W NEW HB Alu Flat White

KA07 ROAD H/B alu SBB Compact

KP06 HB alu Wing shape SBB

KA04 NEW HB road Alu SB Black

KP02 HB alu Black anatomic shape


  1. xiiaodeath said


    may i know how much for this KP06 HB alu Wing shape SBB? what is the diameter size? thanks!

    Are this drop bar fit for fixed gear? thanks!

  2. Biker said

    Price of KA04 HB Alu SB

  3. Alvin said

    Hi, may I get a pricing of MC10 ZEN HB Integrated Carbon monocoque?

    • Alvin said

      Just to add on the question, is there any way to add a the cateye white light on the front?

      • jialong84 said

        Yes, as long it’s a LED bulb, it’s white light for the front.

    • jialong84 said

      I’m sorry but we don’t have stock for this bar anymore.

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