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Merry Christmas / Happy New Year!

The entire crew from Tiong Hin want to wish you and your beloved ones a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year throughout 2011 !!!

We truly thank you for the trust you have put in us and we will continue to prove ourselves to you, and uphold the highest standards of quality and professionalism. All the best for 2011!

PS: We will be closed on 25th Dec, and will resume business on Tuesday, 28th Dec. For any inquiries, kindly contact us @ 81188529…

Best regards,
Tan Kiang Chen

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Our Eddy Merkx Team @ OCBC Cycling Campaign ‘1.5M Matters

OCBC Safe Cycling Campaign 18th December 2010 @ Chulia Street, OCBC Centre.

With a growing number of cyclists seen on the roads due to a heightened interest in cycling as a sport and a mode of commute, the OCBC Cycle Singapore Safe Cycling Campaign aims to raise the awareness of the need for both cyclists and motorists to respect each other and share the roads. Safe cycling on public roads can be achieved as long as both parties play their part in observing traffic rules and keeping a safe distance from each other. The key message of the campaign is therefore – „1.5M Matters. Share the Road‟. Observing this safe distance of 1.5 metres from each other and obeying traffic rules will enable both parties to enjoy a safe journey on our roads.

To promote the Safe Cycling message, our EM team attended the event, and had taken a nice shoot just outside OCBC Centre. A total of four EMX-1s and one EMX-3!

Boardcast @ Eddy Merckx Site

See you in Mach 2011…

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Stella Azzurra Wheelset

Carbon, carbon, carbon!!! We know, it’s all we talk about, but little do we know about Italian maker Stella Azzurra with an unmatchable shapability of carbon, and designs made for every taste. With their experience, knowledge and passion, Stella Azzurra build one of the most innovative Italian road wheelset on the market today. This translates to products that constantly push the envelope of design, weight reduction and above all, safety. In short, they get you and who you are…

For year 2011, Tiong Hin will be the authorized agent for Stella Azzurra here in Singapore. Stay tune as the first batch of 2011 Stella Azzurra wheelset that’s drilled and hand laced at Milano, Italy will be available soon!

Below is a tech review on the Calibro 38/38 by Velonews.

Stella Azzurra Calibro 38
The Calibro 38 has high flanges and black DT Swiss Aerolite stainless steel double butted and bladed spokes with J-bend elbows. The silver alloy nipples are external (They stick out of the rim in the traditional way). It’s a wheelset with the same number of spokes front and rear (20), as well as the same spoking pattern front and rear (One-cross).

The rim’s top layer is woven carbon, including on the brake track. The gluing surface is a uniformly-curved rim bed.

The hubs are high-flange with large cutouts, with the exception of the drive side of the rear. The drive-side hub flange holes are dogbone-shape and thus reduce the strain on the elbows of the most highly stressed spokes of the set, while the high flanges front and rear all have keyhole-shaped holes for the bladed spokes.

Even though Stella Azzurra’s Web site says that these wheels are specifically not recommended for cyclocross, I used them for ’cross anyway (After considerable riding on the road with no problems), and I would love to use them again for that. The external nipples are a bonus for ’cross, since you can true the wheels without removing the tires, much less having to contend with glue in the spoke holes in the rim bed complicating access to internal nipples. Aerodynamics plays a very minor role in ’cross, so there is no down side to the rider that I can see to external nipples.

Comes with a padded double-wheel bag.

This is a fast, light wheelset that can take a beating and can be easily trued if badly abused.

Stella Azzurra new color scheme Red/white for 2011 Calibro 50

Not forgetting it’s Stella Azzurra wheelset that’s displayed on De Rosa road bike at Interbike 2010

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