Wheelset – SunRingle


Colors: Anodized Gold or Polished
Bike Type: Road
Product Specs:


Colors: Anodized Gold or Polished
Bike Type: Road: Cyclocross, Performance Commuter
Product Specs:


Colors: Anodized Gold or Polished Silver
Bike Type: Road: All around road riding conditions
Product Specs:


  1. Tim said

    Hi, do you have the Sun ringle CR18 rim / wheelset in 27″ size ?

    • melvin87 said

      Hi Tim, for rim itself we do not have it, but we do have the complete Sun Ringle CR18 wheelset to suit your needs. 🙂

  2. kohbros said

    hi, boss wat the price of ACCELERATOR R3.0 C?
    C meaning carbon?
    can Pm me , thanks

    • jialong84 said

      C stands for Ceramic. We are out of stock for R3.0, and only left with R1.0. We do have a 2nd hand R3.0 in a good condition offering @ $500. You might want to come over to take a look first. 🙂

      • kohbros said

        i dun mind 2nd hand. btw, wat colour rim? i dun like black le.
        btw, are you weishen friend?

      • jialong84 said

        You are a friend of Weishen?

        Yes I’m his friend too! Ha. The color is gold… 🙂

      • kohbros said

        hey, i went to see tat wheelset which is on the trainer. think dun match my white frame.. just wondering if you have any type below 1.5kg , custom make also can.

      • jialong84 said

        Hey dude, what’s your budget range like? Let me know first so that I can try to find one that fits your budget, and specs. 😛

      • kohbros said

        ard 500.

      • jialong84 said

        Fulcrum Racing 7 @ $350, Racing 3 @ $650, and price of Racing 5 is somewhere in between. You might want to consider these options. 🙂

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