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The Grand Tours, Spring Classics, dozens of Olympic, World & National Championship titles in ‘Road, ‘Cross & Triathlon…There exists neither better tests, nor stronger proof of the quality of SRAM Road components. Whether it is SRAM Red, SRAM Force or SRAM Rival – all our components share the same core purpose: to bring precision, durability, and ease of actuation to you in a light, ergonomic, and aerodynamic package that has no match.

The Pro Gruppo. SRAM RED is the first choice for riders and racers who won’t accept any compromise. The most challenging races in the world have been won on SRAM RED, including the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Paris-Roubaix. Exactly seven teams in the 2010 Tour were SRAM RED-equipped. Its success in the pro peloton speaks for itself, delivering best-in-class performance, weight and function that the world’s best riders rely on.

Perfection for racers. The perfect group for pro and amateur racers all over the world. SRAM Force delivers all the top features of RED, like the powerful Dual Pivot brakeset, multiple cable routing, and reach adjust of the DoubleTap levers. SRAM’s original road group remains one of the lightest in world, weighing less than 2000 grams. SRAM Force is the perfect choice for any rider looking for an incredible gruppo built around light weight, ergonomic comfort, with incredible efficiency, function and performance.

Feel like a pro. For your everyday training, long rides on the weekends, as well as an exceptional cyclocross performer, SRAM Rival is the perfect match. With sleek carbon brake levers you have the feel and look of pro components, together with the unrivaled technologies borrowed from SRAM RED and SRAM Force, Rival is an incredible groupset for what it delivers and how well it performs.

First 11-32 cassette on the road. You like to climb long mountain passes, or your local hill, but don’t want clumsy triple cranks on your bike? With the first 11-32 cassette for the road, and our new SRAM Apex compact crankset, you will have a wider gear range than the most popular triple combinations. A wider gear ratio means you can climb and descend more efficiently. You also get all of our unmatched technical advantages like Zero-loss, reach-adjust, and DoubleTap shifting. SRAM Apex, wherever the road takes you.


  1. Aidil Zulhanry said

    is it possible if i buy the SRAM Apex Shifter and install it on my old colnago, which gears are on the frame?

    • jialong84 said

      Hi Aidil,
      Firstly i would like to know what cassette are you using? Is it a 9 speed or 10 speed? If anything lesser than that, i would recommend getting a new groupset.

      • Aidil Zulhanry said

        mine is 7 speeed.. if i am getting a new groupset, how much would the SRAM apex and labour work be?

  2. cy said

    Hi Bro,

    Can i check what the price for the Force groupset??

    • jialong84 said

      Price of Force groupset is around $1700++ depending if you require installation, and if you are paying by cash. You can text me @ 81188529 for more info. 😛

      • KL said

        how much would you charge (for installation and tuning only) if I bring my own groupset? thanks.

      • jialong84 said

        We charge $80 for installation of groupset. 😛

        We can try to provide free tuning of wheel in the package of the groupset installation. (* Cos some wheels really require too much effort, and thus we have to charge abit)

  3. Tony said

    How much is the SRAM Apex including the installation?

    • jialong84 said

      SRAM Apex groupset is retail @ $1100 with installation. 🙂

      • Tony said

        Hi, I thought you won’t reply anymore here so I went to your shop 😀
        Your dad and 1 of mechanics quoted me SGD1100 for Rival including installation 😀

      • jialong84 said

        Hey dude,

        I’m sorry that I replied too slow. I’m trying to verify the price for the groupset with my dad first before I can quote you.

        My dad also given you the same price. Good good. 🙂

  4. kelvin said

    hi i am interested in getting a full carbon road bike with 105 or ultegra parts.
    can u email me the pricing at thanks:)

  5. Jeremy said

    Hi, how much is the SRAM Force 2011 groupset including installation? Thanks

    • jialong84 said

      SRAM Force groupset is retail @ around $1700++ with installation.

  6. Aidil said

    Asking on behalf of a friend, how much does the SRAM red cost? w/o installation,

  7. untilnine said

    Hi I have a single gear/fixie that I would like to change to multi-gear, but i just realised how expensive all the sets are. Do you have anything more affordable, say around 300? Thanks v much!

    • jialong84 said

      If you want to change from single-speed to multi-gear, most likely you will need rear der, cassette, and shifter etc. What’s your current bike? Do you have the model of your bike?

  8. Mac said

    Hi, can i know the price of SRAM RED? Thanks!

  9. Seah said

    Hi, im looking at sram force components but don’t need the full groupset. Can i know the prices for these components with installation? Thanks

    1. SRAM Force Shifters
    2. SRAM Force RD (wifli/for 11-32 cassette)
    3. SRAM Force FD
    4. SRAM Force Brake caliper

    • jialong84 said

      1. SRAM Force Shifters @ $650
      2. SRAM Force RD (wifli/for 11-32 cassette) @ $200
      3. SRAM Force FD @ $85
      4. SRAM Force Brake caliper @ $250

      Price quoted with installation. If payment is in cash, there’s still room for further discount. 🙂

      • Seah said

        much thanks for the fast response! can i have the sram rival price too for me to decide? you may email me too if u want. Thanks alot

      • Seah said

        Realised i didn’t state my email address, it’s

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