Stem – Deda Elementi

Zero100 Servizio Corse
The Zero100 Servizio Corse stem is made from 2014 aluminum alloy. Deda uses their proprietary 3D forging method to maximize the durability of the alloy (forging preserves the structure of an alloy to a greater extent than CNC’ed alloy.) The 3D process means that Deda uses a special lubricant in the mold during the forging process that allows them to keep the stem walls supremely thin — varying from 1.5mm all the way down to 1.1mm. The thin walls bring one central benefit, of course: Ultra-lightness. The Zero100 Servizio Corse tips the scales at a mere 107g in a 120mm length, rivaling the weight of any carbon fiber stem in the market. And Deda uses titanium bolts as one added detail to keep weight to a minimum.

Deda Elementi Zero-Nero carbon stem features carbon fiber material while the face plate is constructed of alloy. Deda Elementi mates carbon fiber and aluminum to create the perfect road stem that’s lightweight, stiff and most importantly durable. With machined aluminum pieces going over the carbon fiber as opposed to just using inserts in the carbon in key areas like the clamping areas for the steerer and handlebar, Deda created a more durable option than other carbon stems on the market. The Deda Zero-Nero stem also features an all carbon extension to give you a comfortable yet stiff, vibration damping ride.

Newton 31
The Newton stem is built in 2024 T3 aluminum alloy and CNC machined. It is a refined designed, strong and ultra-light. Titanium 6Al/4V hardware.

More advantages of Deda innovation available for budget bikes. Light design for quality products. 6061, drop forged, heat treated T6 aluminum alloy. Flip-flop reversible. Suitable for hybrid bikes.


  1. 5ruz said

    Hi,can i check the price for deda zero100 80mm stem & 44mm deda zero100 drop u have black colour. hope u can reply ASAP coz i live in malacca & will come to s’pore soon.

    • jialong84 said

      Deda zero100 drop bar is retail @ $150, and Deda zero100 80mm stem @ $120 but the stem is only available in 90mm, 100mm, and 120mm.

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