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2011 Eddy Merckx EMXs are here!

New technologies for 2011 Eddy Merckx E-Series

Optimized Structural Reinforcement
Advanced high modular stiffness fibers are used in combination with high-strength fibers to achieve unparalleled performance. They are used in different strategic areas of the bike, as and when required. The front fork for example needs both for optimum weight reduction and improved stiffness and feel.

Carbon Laminate +
Carbon fiber bikes are made using sheets of carbon fiber, and these are built up in layers one on top of the other. The carbon laminate + FRG process, developed by and for Eddy Merckx cycles, assemble the FRG sheets together in ways that maximise the strength and rigidity of the resulting frame. The result? Optimized performance, comfort and weight.

Snapshot of Eddy Merckx EMX-7 && EMX-5
The EMX-7 uses advanced carbon fiber technology to produce the strongest, stiffest yet lightest racing bike Eddy Merckx has ever built. Tom Boonen and the Quick Step team will be using it next year, day in, day out, for every race and training session. The team feels it is the ultimate performance bike and that it can handle the rigors of any race.

Ready EMX-7!

The EMX-5 is Merckx’s more practical race machine, which a majority of their ProTour riders are using this season. Utilizing the same 50HM carbon fiber as the Pinarello Paris, it has evolved into one of the best performing bicycles on the road, ask any of the Quickstep Professionals who rode the EMX-5 for the entirety of the 2011 season. As a testament to the quality of the EMX-5, the team did not have a single frame failure all season; this includes training, racing, and crashing.

The EMX-5 shares the same geometry as it’s big brother, the EMX-7, minus the integrated seat mast. While being a touch heavier, it acheives the same perfomance and efficiency at a price much easier to stomach.

50HM/HS fiber combination, Carbon Laminate + (maximizing the strength and rigidity) and OSR (Optimized Structural Reinforcement) technology.

Optimal Power Transfer which includes tapered head tube 1.5”-1 1/8”

Aero/stiff seat stay design.

Details of the EMX-5!

EMX-5’s Specs List

  • Frame: 50HM 1K/ HS Fiber combination
  • Fork: Carbon fork 1.5 – 1 1/8
  • Carbon Laminate +
  • OSR Technology
  • Aero stiff seat stay design
  • Tapered head tube 1.5 – 1 1/8 inch
  • Oversized bottom bracket
  • Sizes: 48 / 50 / 52 / 54 / 56
  • Pro geometry
  • Colour: Black / Quickstep

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