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Turbo Trainer – Good Training Device For Bad Weather

Bad weather and hazy evenings can be overcome by a good session indoors on a turbo trainers. The basis idea of the turbo trainer is to provide a stationary support via a folding ‘A’ frame. The bike’s rear wheel is then clamped (over the quick release lever) into the frame and the roller is usually pressed up again the rear tyre.

The turbo trainer is ideal for high quality 20-60 minute work outs, raising your heart-rate to higher levels for fitness gains and to develop cycling-specific muscle. Do not attempt to replicate a long ride on a turbo trainer – you will become very numb and very bored. Concentrate on good quality exercise – most of your sessions will be in Zone 3 to 6.

Here are some training tips for using a turbo trainer:

  • Allow at least 15 minutes to warm up and cool down, using low gears
  • Leg speed intervals: Leg speed intervals are best executed in a moderate gear and will improve your lactate threshold, cadence and ability to repeat high-speed efforts. Accelerate in the saddle and maintain a high cadence (around 100 to 120 RPM) for a minute before recovering for a minute.
  • Power sprints: These sprints aim to produce explosive speed as needed for any sprint situation. Accelerate in a big gear as hard as you can for 10 – 15 seconds. Allow yourself time to recover and repeat this 6 – 8 times.
  • 30-Minute Time Trial: Your objective is to hold your sustainable zone 4 pace for the duration of this ride. Part of the training is learning to pace yourself to ride a steady and sustainable pace for the duration of the time trial. Increase your pace to zone 4 and hold it for 30 minutes. Avoid getting to fast at the beginning. Use a heart rate monitor or power meter to judge your effort. If possible, record your speed and HR/power during this session and compare it to another 30-minute time trial to determine if you are able to ride faster at a similar HR or power.
  • Recovery spin: Purpose of recovery spin is to loosen up stiff, sore legs and to circulate blood to flush out waste products. This should be ridden in low gear with less resistance at a fairly high cadence (85-100RPM) It should feel as though there is no pressure on the legs. Total workout length 30-45 minutes.

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