Bar Tape

Stella Azzurra Eleganza Bar Tape
Eleganza bar tape is a revolutionary new design in professional-grade road tape which is designed to remove moisture on the surface of your bars, whether it be perspiration or precipitation. Its new stitched dual-striation synthetic material has superior tack and strength in all conditions, and the look is incredibly elegant, as well. Designed to achieve maximum breathability and comfort thanks to its perforated style. It is also designed to remove moisture and the stitched dual-striation material has superior tack and strength in all conditions.

Stella Azzurra Tecno Spugna Bar Tape
The tecno spugna (tek-no spoon-ya) means “sponge tech” in Italian, and tecno spugna comes in five densities designed to handle every type of surface vibration, providing the perfect combination of comfort and efficiency. Used by pro teams in both the United States and France, Tecno Spugna comes in extra Soft for cobbled roads, Ssoft for ‘cross courses, medium for asphalt roads, firm for trials loops and extra firm for velodromes. Riders hate the problem of spring training rides over broken, potholed asphalt or summer crits that include sectors of hand jarring, old down town brick. Extra Shock absorption is the answer. That’s why there’s tecno-spugna tape to absorb vibration so your hands and arms don’t get jarred and cramp up as you ride.

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