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Eddy Merckx EMX-525 Campaign!‏

eddy 525

The new print advertisement which shows the Emx-525 as ‘The Best Balanced Bike in the World’. As you all know by now, the stiffness and stability of the Emx-525 is way ahead of the competition.

This week Eddy Merkcx has launched the EMX-525 campaign.

Check out the first web commercial of the showpiece of the 2013 Eddy Merckx Cycles collection right below. R&D engineer Dave and test rider Jeroen went for a ride in beautiful SalzburgerLand (Austria) to enlighten the technical innovations of the new Emx-525. Don’t forget to check out the guest appearance of the cannibal himself at the end of the clip!

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New EMX-525 gets Great Reviews

Eddy Merckx’s brand new, top of the line EMX-525 has gotten some first reviews. states the bike doesn’t disappoint: “It’s clear it’s a very stiff and very, very fine handling frame and fork that will satisfy riders wanting a fast and responsive bike. Could it be the ultimate race bike? It’s certainly vying for that crown, make no mistake.”

The first impression of is that of a very stiff bike that’s great to handle. “So it looks like it will be explosive and on the first climb of our test loop this is the right word to describe the ride sensation. It surges forward with real authority. Press hard on the pedals and the frame feels solid. Throw the bike through corners and the front end stiffness gives an incredibly accurate steering response, it’s precise and very very accurate.”

“I came away impressed”, writes. “Merckx have clearly delivered on their quest to produce an outstandingly stiff bike. I came away from my short ride on the Merckx impressed. They’ve clearly raised the bar, it’s one of the best handling bikes I’ve ridden in some time.”

Read the review yourself

Or check the reviews of

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Cratoni C-Bolt Helmets Are Here!!!

The C-Bolt from Cratoni is a helmet that punches well above its price tag. Styling is quirky, with its little duck tail at the rear, but we became quite fond of it, and in the black colour option (white and red also available) it isn’t going to be a talking point on the club run.

Weight is a feathery 200g, and though you might worry that it could feel flimsy and ineffective, in reality this German design has the assured feeling that you get from slamming shut a heavy Mercedes car door. Solid, Safe, Secure.

The full in-mold construction extends under the rim, a feature we like as it defends the soft EPS underbelly of the helmet from day-to-day damage. The build quality is high and it feels like a real option to the likes of Giro, Bell and Specialized, right down to the layout of the retention device, the ‘anatomic fitting system’ dial.

The inner shape of the helmet will fit rounder heads best. The 21 vents sucked autumn air effectively and what sweat we generated was handled well by the removable Coolmax liner pads. The only niggle we had was with the Cratoni logo – stick-on letters which were hanging off the helmet right out of the box.

Quotes Tour-Magazine:

  • “With Cratoni the airstream flows extensively above the head; lots of sweat evaporates”
  • “Great features”
  • “Flexible handling”
  • “Best ventilation”
  • “Sophisticated
  • “First class finish”

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Cratoni C-Bolt: Test Winner at Europe RennRad & Tour Magazines

Cratoni C-Bolt scores first place in TOUR Magazine current helmet test June 2011.

With an overall result of 1.3, Cratoni C-Bolt is the top scorer among 14 tested helmet models. Cratoni are particularly proud of the grades regarding excellent ventilation as the C-Bolt sets the benchmark concerning actual evaporation.

Quotes TOUR-Magazine:

  • “With Cratoni the airstream flows extensively above the head; lots of sweat evaporates”
  • “Great features”
  • “Flexible handling”
  • “Best ventilation”
  • “Sophisticated
  • “First class finish”

Overall Result: 1.3 and therefore top-scorer/winner in TOUR-magazine issue June 2011.

One month after, C-Bolt strikes again with an overall result of 1.8 in RennRad Magazine.

Another first-class test result for Cratoni new roadbike helmet C-Bolt. With an overall result of 1.8, RennRad-Magazine lists the C-Bolt helmet among the best.

Quote: “Lightwight does not have to be expensive whicht the C-Bolt demonstrates. First class finish and optimal fit”.

Overall Result: 1.8

Cratoni C-Bolt Helmet @ $150
Extremely lightweight roadbike helmet
The roadbike-edition of the C-Tracer first and foremost appeals to ambitious cyclists searching for optimal price-performance ratio. The C-Bolt comes with a sophisticated ventilation system including enormous vents and a smooth running one-hand adjustment system. Additionally breathable Coolmax® pads round up the perfect cycling experience. The C-Bolt is also available as mountain bike-version called C-Tracer.

# Technology #

  • Inmold: Inmold construction. Inner and Outer-shell are inseparably jointed for a gapless connection between both sides. This enables an extremely safe and lightweight helmet structure.
  • Anatomic Fitting System: Lightweight size adjustment system with foamed fixation.
  • Optional Einsetzbares Netzpad: Optional insertable netpad.

# Feature #

  • Made in Germany
  • 21 air vents
  • Reflectors
  • Oversized air vents
  • Bag included
  • Weight: 175g
  • Size: M/L (56–59cm)
  • Colour: Black-Silver Glossy

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FeedThehabit’s Review on Blue Cycles Axino

With all the great road bikes on the market and all that great carbon fiber material being used, it is getting even more difficult to distinguish between comparable bikes. The differences are subtle and most often reflect component differences or slight fit issues (stem lengths, bar widths, etc.). Those differences become much more apparent when ridden back-to-back.

The all-new Axino was my last road bike test of the day and came on the heels of the all-new Ridley Noah RS (which is a great new bike). After getting the rundown on the completely-new frameset design on the Axino, it was quickly apparent that this bike was no slouch and that this relative newcomer (Blue has been around 7 years) to the bike market was onto something special.

Starting out with the unified bottom-bracket and chainstays built around a stiff BB30 system (Direct Drive System) and then continuing throughout with strategically-shaped tubes for compliance and stiffness, the Axino is truly a masterpiece.

My test bike was the top-of-the-line spec with the Zipp 404 Tubular wheels and SRAM Red components. The entire package just felt fast and responsive. While the build left little to be desired, one small change would have helped — a more climber-friendly cassette. I could have used a little bigger option for the long ascents we conquered, but I made it nonetheless.

You can feel the precision of the tapered steerer and the instant power transfer provided by the unified BB/chainstay design (Direct Drive System) and the unified, one-piece top tube, head tube and down tube as every stroke was translated into efficient forward motion.

While the Zipp 404 wheels are astoundingly-stiff and responsive, I’d be more keen on a standard wheelset, but the 404′s were amazingly fast with braking power galore. A stiff crosswind may cause some issues, but this bike just felt fast.

What I liked best of all on the Axino was its comfort while descending. I felt I could instantly carve downhill in absolute comfort. I was zipping down and pushing limits I’d rarely push on a new-to-me bike. Vibrations are nullified and the bike just loves descending.

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Glory Cycles’ Review on Eddy Merckx EMX-5

I have had the pleasure of testing a lot of bikes in 2010 fortunately for me I get to test ride only bikes I chose, not exactly a science but a fantastic job nevertheless. This review is somewhat different because the Eddy Merckx EMX-5 is the bike I chose as my personal ride in 2010 and as we all know ask any cyclist how he likes his own bike and you hear how great it is. How it corners on rails, accelerates like a rocket. It’s not hard to explain this given most of the bikes we ride are designed to deliver world class athletes to the podium and hardly get tested to the limits riding a group ride or century.

Eddy Merckx EMX-5 is made in the same factory as the top of the line Pinarello bikes. Surf around the web and you will find this was not to the liking of the “forum hounds” these guys felt like it was the demise of Eddy Merckx bikes and pretty soon all bikes would be made in the same factory and look like a “not-so-specialized”. They have a point but seems missed the point in this case. Why would you not love the idea of combining the most desired geometry of any road bike with the most technologically advanced production and materials?

My experience with the EMX-5 is exactly that. The geometry and materials are perfectly blended together and the result is a bike that rides fantastically under all circumstance and cannot be faulted at all for construction and quality. The EMX-5 is in other words a Pinarello Paris that has a shorter top tube, taller head tube and less aggressive steering but more aggressive lines and a super beefy bottom bracket. It’s a smooth ride that always inspires confidence and never lacks performance. It’s not an exceptionally light bike but can easily be built to weigh less than 16lbs.

Quality inspires confidence. When you take a close look at the EMX-5 you cannot help but notice how neat and clean the painted lines are in in the sun the bold lines of the frames design really stick out. I love the look of this bike more than anything else I have ever owned. The cannibals signature on the top tube and the huge X on the headtube add to the allure of the EMX 5 maybe I just got sucked in and like most of us think the bike I am riding is the ultimate?

At the time of writing this review the Eddy Merckx EMX-5 was been ridden in the Tour de France by not only the yellow jersey (Chavanel) but also the polka dot jersey (Pineau) and those bikes are not customized in any way. They are the same frame sold at retail. Watching these guys on television and owning the same bike makes me proud and leaves me satisfied that the EMX-5 is everything I could want in a bike. It’s pure riding pleasure.

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Review EMX-1 by Outside Magazine

Outside magazine: ‘The EMX-1 is a fantastic bike for the price!’

Outside magazine: ‘This season marks the return of Eddy Merckx bikes to elite racing, with the company’s sponsorship of Belgium’s top team, Quick Step. But we wanted to see what Merckx delivered in its entry-level racer. The full-carbon EMX-1 comes with Shimano’s price-conscious 105 components—including a compact double crankset—and is designed with a slightly upright, back-friendly “comfort-performance” geometry. Our verdict: A little heavy on the climbs, but all in all it’s a fantastic bike for the price. “It’s sturdy and stable,” said one tester, “but it handles like a race bike.” 18.4 lbs (48 cm, though effectively a 55 cm);’

Check out this on line review on Eddy Merckx EMX-1 bike. Good to know that the US media is as enthusiastic about these carbon bike as we are!

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Glory Cycles’ Review on Eddy Merckx EMX 1

My first ride on the EMX 1 was a race. Nothing serious, just the local crit. But as we all know, a race is different to riding because you need to be more in tune with your bike. The nature of the EMX 1 is such that I felt right at home from the first lap. The EMX 1 knew just where to sit and which wheels to follow. The predictable handling made me feel confident and the stiffness gave me favor out of the saddle when closing gaps. My first thought about the EMX 1 was, Eddy knows bikes and there is a lot of benefit to riding a bike designed by the true king of modern cycling.

The Shimano 105 EMX 1 bike is not exactly a hardcore race bike. The wheels would need to be upgraded and some weight would have to be shed before it could be considered race ready. Yet as is, the bike rides beautifully and without any changes, it could satisfy a fast group ride or centaury.

Characteristics: The superb handling is the most pronounced ride characteristic of the EMX 1. It is both comfortable and stiff, but it’s real strength is the feeling of confidence it inspires around corners and how true it seems to ride in a group. On the EMX 1, I felt at home and never at odds with the machine.

Weight: There is nothing light on the EMX 1 so there is plenty of room for improvement if you wanted to get the overall weight down. The frame is made from 24HM UD carbon and the tubing quite thick with a lot of shaping for stiffness and I am sure some style so it’s never going to build into a sub 16 lb climbing machine. Out the box the size 45cm(53.4cm TT) was 18lbs. I am 5’10” and the bike looks a little small for me but rides great set up as seen in the pics.

Shimano 105 Group: Don’t be fooled, it still rides beautifully and at this point in the game there is a lot of attention given to newer product. But, Shimano 105 still remains a top performer for the money. Shifting is always smooth and the uniform alloy finish is very classy on the EMX1. I liked the fact that the group is not at all compromised. No substitutions. No weird name chain etc.

Components: The Eddy house brand bars and stem were a nice surprise – very functional, well finished and quite light. The Eddy branded Prologo saddle is fantastic, no need for an expensive upgrade here. The dye did wear off the lettering after only the first ride, but a few weeks in and its was worn to the point it did not matter any more. The seat post is heavy alloy covered in carbon and not great for adjusting. I could live with it for starters, but would change out right after I got some race wheels for this bike.

Wheels: Shimano make some great wheels and the RS20’s are perfect for training or everyday riding, but I was itching to feel the EMX1’s performance with something else. As expected, the bike took on a whole new character with some fast carbon wheels (which by the way cost as much as the bike).

The finish raises expectations: The EMX1 finish is a step above other bikes in it’s class. This got me thinking about the price of the bike and my expectations of it. It’s an Eddy Merckx, so I’m expecting it to perform like it’s world class. It looks like a top tier bike because of the finish, which has me expecting it to be in the weight category of bikes twice as costly. So when I get back to the price I have to remind myself to grade the bike at it’s price tag.

Final score, A for the EMX1.

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