Eddy Merckx 2016 Complete Bike

2016 MOURENX69 Complete Bike @ $4000
Go for long escapes
Mourenx69 refers to Merckx winning the seventh stage of the 1969 Tour de France. This heroic 214.5km ride from Luchon to Mourenx provides the inspiration for a racing bike specially designed for long distances. This frame also has a slightly higher head tube and shorter top tube giving the racer a more upright position, which is crucial for long distance races. The Mourenx69 is an ideal endurance racing bike with a perfect balance of stiffness and compliance.


2016 SALLANCHES64 Complete Bike @ $2800
Go for carbon, and never go back
In 1964, Eddy Merckx became the amateur world champion in Sallanches, France. This marked the start of his extraordinarily successful career as a cyclist. The Sallanches64 is a carbon racing bike that combines compliance with a high level of stiffness. This versatile racing machine is the ideal mix of high performance and endurance. And this frame has also been given a special internal treatment so that the inside looks just as clean as the outside, resulting in a weight of barely 900 grams.


2016 MILANO72 Complete Bike @ $2800
Go for female excellence
The Milano72 takes us back to the hard-fought victory by Eddy Merckx in the 1972 Giro d’Italia. After winning four stages he finished first in Milan to reinforce his supremacy as the top tour rider.
For female racers who want to give their utmost, this high-performance Milano72 is the right answer. This ladies’ racing bike was designed specifically to complement female geometry.


2016 BLOCKHAUS67 Complete Bike @ $1800
Go for the superior ascent
Until the 1967 Giro, Eddy Merckx was known mainly as a sprinter. By winning the very tough 12th mountain stage, finishing at the Block Haus, he also made his name as an outstanding climber and tour rider. The BlockHaus67 has an ultra-light (1,150 grams) and stiff aluminum frame, with a carbon fork (360 grams). Eddy Merckx Cycles has a rich history as an aluminum frame builder and is therefore launching this premium aluminum racing bike that can compete on results with the best alloy racing machines in the world. The BlockHaus67 truly combines outstanding stiffness-to-weight values with great compliance. Ideal as a light climber that stands up to hard knocks.



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