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Eddy Merckx Urban Bike Project 2011

Imagine a specially designed Eddy Merckx bike for riding in the city: a real urban bike. what would it be like?

Made of steel – it’s got to be strong, and got to be sturdy – it’s able to withstand the rough roads and cobble stones of a city; it would have built in safety features: lights, reflectors, a bell, and a simple gear change; it would be beautiful and cool looking – with an old school shifter, integrated wiring, comfortable pedals and a space for the number plate.

The inspiration for this bike is of course ‘the’ famous World-Hour-Record bike – conceived and ridden by Eddy himself. No frills, no fluff – just strong, fast and perfectly proportioned. We’ve got two, and both are inspired by that incredible feat of sporting endeavour.

The first is the ‘Cannibal Limited Edition’. Beautiful, sleek and made for urban biking, it’s a mixture of our rich heritage and new technology giving a bike that can be used everyday, everywhere – safely and comfortably. The second is our ‘Mexico City Series’ – similar to the Cannibal Limited Edition but just that much easier to use in the city with its flat horizontal handlebars and 14 gears.

It’s just the beginning, more “urban bikes” will beat the road, but for now Eddy Merckx Cycles have delivered the first ultimate Urban Bike – because for some cycling is more than just a Sunday outing, it’s become a new way of life.

Eddy Merckx’s new ‘urban bike’ concept, built with a comfortable lugged steel frame and with a versatile geometry that can accommodate a variety of different builds.


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