Dropbar – Deda Elementi

Phazer / Phazer Racing Carbon Bar
The Deda Elementi Phazer handlebar uses full carbon fiber composite construction and features internal cable routing. The Phazer has a drop-wing shaped top profile with a shallow, round bend for better on-the-drops comfort and control. What makes the Phazer unique is the addition of formed bulge areas on the drops that feature integrated foam grips. This is designed for better ergonomics and to reduce hand and arm fatigue. This same bulge technology is also used above the hoods to further improve comfort and ergonomics.
Two graphics available: Phazer Racing (zebra) and Phazer.

Campione Carbon Bar
Carbon fiber technology, new round section, classic bend, improved design.
New double cable groove under the bar.
Extended bulge section for improved rigidity.
Professional use only.

The Deda Elementi Presa Handlebar is the carbon-fiber version of the Deda Zero100. Deda Elementi introduces RHM Rapid Hand Movement concept. Handlebar designed to improve the quick changes of handle position: more quickly from “upper” position to “on the ends” position. Riders are evolving; so are bikes; so are handlebars. Extremely short drop (128 mm), for those riders who have more than 9 cm higher saddle than handlebar position. Very compact reach: 77 mm, to accommodate the extra long modern control levers. Patent design Continuous Incremental Radius, to overcome the limits of anatomic shape, which allows you to hold the handlebar in only one position.

The shape of modern cycling. Zero100 handlebar performs RHM Rapid Hand Movement concept. The very same advantages of the new Deda Elementi Presa handlebar manufactured in strong 7075 T6 triple butted alloy.
Available in two finishes: dark metal polish and classic black matte anodized

Newton revolutionizes the history of the competition handlebar.
The handlebar/stem combination increases the rigidity of the assembly by 25% and reduces the weight by around 100 gr. compared to traditional handlebar.
The Newton handlebar concept is a departure from a plain pipe to graduated triple butting at the critical points of stress.
It’s a superlight handlebar with outstanding rigidity characteristics.
A triple butted handlebar with increased cross-section in the center zone.
Available also in deep and shallow shape.




The great advantage of Deda Elementi RHM Rapid Hand Movement, concept in the alloy carbon wrapped edition.
Carbon fiber cooperate in structural stiffness


  1. jen said

    Hi guys,

    Could i get a price for the zero 100 deda handlebars?

    Thanks in advance.

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