Corima Wheelset are here!

The Corima wheels are designed and manufactured in France
Corima is a world leading company in the design and the manufacturing of high performance composite parts. In 1998, Corima puts its technical skills into the manufacturing of wheels and bike frames. Corima’s know-how is unique and their company is well known for its constant innovation. Innovations that involved a real revolution of all the materials in all the cycling disciplines. In this very competitive market, it’s the quality and the innovation of the Corima products that establish the worldwide reputation of the brand.

Due to their experience in working with composite materials, they control all of the steps in the manufacturing process to make your product “unique”: the design, the production, the control and the after-sales service, everything being made in their plant in Loriol sur Drôme (26) in France.

3D – CAD – Tooling – Design
ToolingThe ability to design and produce all the molds, tools and special machines required to properly implement the manufacturing process. This global experience allows them to offer you a range of products of excellent quality and very good value for money.


DesignIn the development of a product, they determine the technical specifications, where they include both their sales department and their customers to clearly understand the product requirements then arrives the phase of conceptual design of the product as well as the design of the production process. They design their own machines to make the products, and this allows them to control the process and to respond quickly to repair, maintenance and quality issues.


Production / Controls
All of Corima products are manufactured at their plant in Loriol sur Drôme (26) in France and are carried out by their qualified, skilled and attentive personnel. To achieve its desired level of performance, Corima has chosen to manufacture its prorducts from pre-impregnated carbon sheets and fibres. Each pre-impregnated part has to be put in position, ensuring that the fibres are correctly orientated in a vital, determined order and with a strict eye on the quality procedure.


Corima have the ability to design and produce all of the assemblies and machines to check the quality and characteristics of the manufactured parts and to ensure the tracking of each manufactured part. Their products are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for 2 years from the date of purchase. The conditions of use are indicated in the “Owner’s Manual” included with their products.


The aerodynamic of Corima Carbon
At Corima, they place a great deal of importance on the aerodynamic performance of their wheels. Over 20 years ago, they developed a high-performance composite disc wheel. In 1993, Chris Boardman used their equipment, frame and wheels to achieve the most symbolic of records in technological terms.

Since then, they have constantly innovated to maintain their lead, and this has made the Corima range of wheels the most sophisticated in the world for aerodynamics, which is so vital to the cyclist’s performance.

Their experts carry out computer simulations to constantly try and reduce drag. This research involves optimising friction pressure on the various surfaces of the wheel and tyre. They also work to improve the air flow speed and air flow separators on the wheel to obtain a wheel that requires as little power as possible to move forward and spin.

They have designed dozens of prototypes and repeatedly cross-referenced the precise results achieved by their various models on their test benches. When they then validate their best projects in the wind tunnel, they know that the hours of experience that they have accumulated and the use of the most sophisticated technologies make their wheels unique in the world.

The latest aerodynamic research carried out in their research centre has led to a new rim design that they call Concept 2D. This new shape improves air flow and increases the rigidity of the tubular rim.


Concept 2D
Concept 2D, which was first used on the 3 spoke carbon wheel, which is positioned as the best suited wheel to the triathlon and time trials, has now been transposed to the Disc, VIVA “S”, UP “S”, AERO+, WINIUM+ and MCC wheels.


The spoking of corima carbon wheels: 12 spokes on the cassette side and 8 on the left
All their spoked wheels are hand-built. The rear AERO+, WINIUM+, VIVA “S” and UP “S” wheels are built with 20 spokes whose positioning in the rim was very well studied.

The drive side (cassette side) is built with 12 spokes crossed 3 times, a setting that has proven over the years to provide the best transmission of power from the cy- clist to the driving wheel. The left side of the wheel is built with 8 spokes.

This arrangement allows for a more uni- form tension across all of the spokes. This makes the wheel faster providing excellent stiffness. It also improves the wheel’s ability to remain running “true” and in- creases the spokes durability. In addition, this specific spoke arrangement gives the rear wheel a very modern and technical look.

This arrangement allows for a more uniform tension across all of the spokes. This makes the wheel faster providing excellent stiffness. It also improves the wheel’s ability to remain running “true” and increases the spokes durability. In addition, this specific spoke arrangement gives the rear wheel a very modern and technical look.


Carbon and aluminum hubs for carbon wheels
Corima has been designing its own hubs for more than 20 years. The hub is very important on a wheel and it must be designed in the same time of the composite part (rim) in order to optimize the product.

Developed by their design office, their aluminum hubs are made in France from the best alloys by precision engineering specialists using the most up-to-date machining equipment.

The “S” version in chromeplated aluminium benefits from the latest innovation with, for example, a 30-tooth free-wheel ratchet ring and a Ø 17 mm titanium/aluminium spindle.

The carbon model is made with an exclusive moulding technique combining strength and lightness with an exceptional finish. Corima hubs are also fitted with top of the range cartridge bearings.


Corima 47mm : The pionneer, efficient and reliable @ $1850
Since 1992, the aero carbon wheel is world renown. This wheel allows you to benefit from all the Corima recent innovations on the rims, it offers the best value for money in its class.

It’s a versatile wheel that can be used for either flat or hilly roads.

The front aero carbon wheel is built with 18 CX-Ray spokes and the rear aero carbon wheel is built with 24 CX spokes. This reliable setting has been proven over the years. It’s the perfect wheel to start getting along with the performance of the Corima carbon wheels.

47mm Wheelset

Corima S 47mm : Design and performance @ $2200
The AERO “S” is the wheel for enthusiasts looking for speed and efficiency above all else.

Assembling the AERO (47 mm) rim with the “S” hub produces an ultra-high performance combination. This concept improves the factors that affect a wheel’s performance: Weight, stiffness, rotation inertia, aerodynamics, fluidity, power transmission and durability.

The front wheel is built with 18 spokes under our R2 system and the rear wheel with 20 (CX) spokes under the 12/8 system developed by CORIMA.

47mm S Wheelset

Corima S+ 47mm : New line of corima S+ carbon hubs @ $2600
Developed by their design office, the “S+” hubs combine strength and lightness with an exceptional finish. They benefit from the lastest innovations with, for example, a 30 tooth free-wheel ratchet ring and a diameter of 17mm titanium/aluminium spindle. The corima “S+” hubs are also fitted with top of the range cartridge bearings.

The cassette bodies of the “S+” hubs are even easier to use, the three pawls are held in place by a spring and the same sprocket wrench can be used for removing the bearings.

47mm S+ Wheelset

Corima MCC S+ 47mm : lightest wheels in their product range @ $3700(Tubular), $4000(Clincher)
Corima “S+” wheels are available in tubular and now also available in clincher vision!

They are built with the very light carbon “S+” hubs on which the corima logo in engraved. The wheels are made entirely of carbon from the rims to the hubs and spokes. The front wheel has 12 blade shaped spokes for better aerodynamics while the rear wheel has 12 conical shaped spokes for increased stiffness. Each wheel is supplied with a titanium skewer with a carbon lever displaying the corima logo.

47mm S+ MCC Tub Wheelset

47mm S+ MCC Clin Wheelset

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