New EMX-525 gets Great Reviews

Eddy Merckx’s brand new, top of the line EMX-525 has gotten some first reviews. states the bike doesn’t disappoint: “It’s clear it’s a very stiff and very, very fine handling frame and fork that will satisfy riders wanting a fast and responsive bike. Could it be the ultimate race bike? It’s certainly vying for that crown, make no mistake.”

The first impression of is that of a very stiff bike that’s great to handle. “So it looks like it will be explosive and on the first climb of our test loop this is the right word to describe the ride sensation. It surges forward with real authority. Press hard on the pedals and the frame feels solid. Throw the bike through corners and the front end stiffness gives an incredibly accurate steering response, it’s precise and very very accurate.”

“I came away impressed”, writes. “Merckx have clearly delivered on their quest to produce an outstandingly stiff bike. I came away from my short ride on the Merckx impressed. They’ve clearly raised the bar, it’s one of the best handling bikes I’ve ridden in some time.”

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  1. kelvin said

    when will this be in your shop?

    • jialong84 said

      Likely to be avail by mid-Jan 2013 accordingly to Eddy Merckx. 🙂

  2. søren said

    what is the price going to be on the EMX 525

    • jialong84 said

      Hi there, the price for EMX525 should be around $5500. Stock will only arrive around late-Jan…

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