Our Eddy Merkx Team @ OCBC Cycling Campaign ‘1.5M Matters

OCBC Safe Cycling Campaign 18th December 2010 @ Chulia Street, OCBC Centre.

With a growing number of cyclists seen on the roads due to a heightened interest in cycling as a sport and a mode of commute, the OCBC Cycle Singapore Safe Cycling Campaign aims to raise the awareness of the need for both cyclists and motorists to respect each other and share the roads. Safe cycling on public roads can be achieved as long as both parties play their part in observing traffic rules and keeping a safe distance from each other. The key message of the campaign is therefore – „1.5M Matters. Share the Road‟. Observing this safe distance of 1.5 metres from each other and obeying traffic rules will enable both parties to enjoy a safe journey on our roads.

To promote the Safe Cycling message, our EM team attended the event, and had taken a nice shoot just outside OCBC Centre. A total of four EMX-1s and one EMX-3!

Boardcast @ Eddy Merckx Site

See you in Mach 2011…

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