Campagnolo 2011 Super Record Available Now

According to Campagnolo, its 2011 Super Record component set “is speeding up, overtaking even itself!”

The Italian masters have managed to spare about 100 grams or 5% from the approximate 2,000g weight of the 2009 groupset, down to under 1,900 grams for 2011, assuming we’re fitting the optional titanium version of the Ultra Torque bottom bracket.

The speed and feel of the gear shifts is the area where die-hard fans might argue that the Campagnolo ‘clunk’ was its best feature, signifying positivity and durability. But for many, though, a ‘snick’, and a super fast one at that, is what they’re looking for.

Campagnolo 2011 Super Record Rear Derailleur. At 155g, 15g lighter than 2009 with its new aluminum fixing bolt.

Campagnolo 2011 Super Record Front Derailleur ● 72g for braze-on ● 3g lighter ● Ultra-shift carbon outer cage.

Campagnolo 2011 Super Record Ergopower Ultra Shift levers ● 330g ● approx 10g lighter ● new composite body with revised cable routing ● insert available for larger hands ● hoods available in black, white or red.

Campagnolo 2011 Super Record Chainset ● 680g with standard BB or 640g with optional titanium BB ● Completely new eXtreme Performance Shift System (XPSS) chainrings with 8 chain upshift zones and 2 chain downshift zones ● Optional titanium Ultra Torque axles ● Reverse thread titanium fixing bolt.

Campagnolo 2011 Super Record Brakes ● 272g ● Rear now available optionally with more powerful dual pivot mechanism to match front ● New shoe fitting system ● longer pad in new compound.


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