Patrick’s EMX-3 Bike Check

Front stacked view of Patrick’s Eddy Merckx collection

Eddy Merckx for many was the best cycle racer the planet has ever seen or will see. It’s the breadth of his wins and their quality that gives him the votes, and since retirement and for the last 25 years Eddy Merckx has been producing quality bikes.

Patrick is one of Eddy Merckx great fans out there, and his amazing collection includes Alu Team 2000, Fuga, Race Sloping, AXM, and now EMX-3. Merckx’s technology partnership with Pinarello has created Partick’s EMX-3 with tradtitional geometry, modern materials, and killer looks. What a combination!

Check it out right below, his EMX-3 is looking dope!

Eddy Merckx EMX-3 is a classic Belgian race bike that is constructed from High Modulus 30UDM (unidirectional) 12K carbon fibre

Patrick’s EMX-3 2010 (Blue/Black) weighing in at 6.9kg

The fork has a unique broad blade design that remains stiff out of the saddle, yet soaks up road vibration

Eddy Merckx Alu Team 2000

Eddy Merckx Fuga which is identical in paint scheme to the Team SC Chrono

Eddy Merckx Race Sloping

Eddy Merckx AXM

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