Glory Cycles’ Review on Eddy Merckx EMX-5

I have had the pleasure of testing a lot of bikes in 2010 fortunately for me I get to test ride only bikes I chose, not exactly a science but a fantastic job nevertheless. This review is somewhat different because the Eddy Merckx EMX-5 is the bike I chose as my personal ride in 2010 and as we all know ask any cyclist how he likes his own bike and you hear how great it is. How it corners on rails, accelerates like a rocket. It’s not hard to explain this given most of the bikes we ride are designed to deliver world class athletes to the podium and hardly get tested to the limits riding a group ride or century.

Eddy Merckx EMX-5 is made in the same factory as the top of the line Pinarello bikes. Surf around the web and you will find this was not to the liking of the “forum hounds” these guys felt like it was the demise of Eddy Merckx bikes and pretty soon all bikes would be made in the same factory and look like a “not-so-specialized”. They have a point but seems missed the point in this case. Why would you not love the idea of combining the most desired geometry of any road bike with the most technologically advanced production and materials?

My experience with the EMX-5 is exactly that. The geometry and materials are perfectly blended together and the result is a bike that rides fantastically under all circumstance and cannot be faulted at all for construction and quality. The EMX-5 is in other words a Pinarello Paris that has a shorter top tube, taller head tube and less aggressive steering but more aggressive lines and a super beefy bottom bracket. It’s a smooth ride that always inspires confidence and never lacks performance. It’s not an exceptionally light bike but can easily be built to weigh less than 16lbs.

Quality inspires confidence. When you take a close look at the EMX-5 you cannot help but notice how neat and clean the painted lines are in in the sun the bold lines of the frames design really stick out. I love the look of this bike more than anything else I have ever owned. The cannibals signature on the top tube and the huge X on the headtube add to the allure of the EMX 5 maybe I just got sucked in and like most of us think the bike I am riding is the ultimate?

At the time of writing this review the Eddy Merckx EMX-5 was been ridden in the Tour de France by not only the yellow jersey (Chavanel) but also the polka dot jersey (Pineau) and those bikes are not customized in any way. They are the same frame sold at retail. Watching these guys on television and owning the same bike makes me proud and leaves me satisfied that the EMX-5 is everything I could want in a bike. It’s pure riding pleasure.

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