The All-New Eddy Merckx EMX 7

Eddy Merckx bikes fittingly used the Eddy Merckx GranFondo in Verona, Italy, as a launching pad for its 2011 bike line. The highlight was a new “superbike,” the EMX 7 with airfoil carbon tubing, integrated seatmast and BB86 integrated bottom bracket. It’s still in the finalizing stages so no, it’s won’t be available on the market any sooner…

Top of the Line: The All-New EMX 7

As part of the “superbike” category the EMX 7 is built from 62 HM carbon (the same type Pinarello uses) with a 1K weave finish. According to engineers, they were looking at 70HM (ton) fiber (something that has never been used on a bicycle before) but the price would be way too high for the frame alone. The EMX 7’s first eye catch is the integrated seatmast and monocoque airfoil tubing, a first for Merckx. The aero fork mates to a tapered headtube and besides asymmetrical chainstays, other niceties include internally routed cables with internal guides so replacement is a snap. If you looked closely at Quick Step’s Sylvain Chavanel stage 2 wining ride during the Tour de France he wasn’t riding one either. This was due to availability. Merckx did have prototype EMX 7’s ready for Tom Boonen to race but a knee injury kept him away from the start line and his large sized frames sitting unridden.


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