2010 Eddy Merckx Road Bikes are here!

Eddy Merckx set up his cycle company just 3 years after he retired from racing. Almost 30 years on, it has moved into much larger premises with new facilities, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the attention to detail and love of bikes that everyone in the company shares. Eddy Merckx has always been obsessed with bikes – it wasn’t unusual for him to get up in the middle of the night to change something on his handlebars or gears. Position, fit and feel are incredibly important for Merckx – on his own bike and on those of others too. This innate understanding of how a bike should be is key in the design of every Eddy Merckx bicycle.

The entire Eddy Merckx range has been designed to this philosophy. Each bike is comfortable to ride, and all deliver a true feel for the road. No matter how many bikes are produced, there is one aspect where there will never be any compromises, and that is quality – Merckx is still an integral part of the design process, and always tests each new model himself. Both light and strong, the bikes are built to withstand years of riding and racing – and every frame comes with a lifetime warranty.

# A-Series / Alloy #
The A-Series alloy frames have a higher strength to weight index than steel, but that is no reason to use it in excess. The triple butted tubing allows Eddy Merckx to reduce aluminum in places where it was unnecessary, and smooth welding means there are literally no joints to be seen.




# E-Series / Carbon #
There are an almost infinite number of varieties of carbon fiber, and all have different performance characteristics. Years of experience and know-how have helped us understand which ones work the best. The result? The finest carbon fiber bicycle ever.




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